Pics of NetSquared Vancouver Meetup presentation on nonprofits and technology

Feb 3, 2016 | 0 comments


Last night I attended a Meetup organized by NetSquared Vancouver, a group that connects nonprofit & technology communities. It was a “Nonprofit Technology Show and Tell”, and thus was a great opportunity to show off my database solution for Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter – as well as to meet a bunch of smart, like-minded, tech savvy folks!

I put together a 5-minute presentation in Keynote but frankly was a little anxious – I haven’t actually done this very much! But then again, I knew I could draw on my acting experience and that this was a pretty welcoming crowd. And it was a hit – despite my having less time to finesse the presentation than I’d have liked, it went quite smoothly and there were some good chuckles at the humorous touches I included.

Below are the best of the pics I snapped. And thanks to WordPress wiz Jill Binder for the one of me! Thanks also to Chad and Eli at NetSquared, and everyone involved in making this event happen. I certainly hope to be back!


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