Welcome to my network! Discovering another awesome iOS 11 feature, and an example of Apple’s humanistic approach

Oct 25, 2017 | 0 comments

There’s been lots of obvious changes, tweaks and improvements to iOS with iOS11: the spiffy new Control Centre, Do Not Disturb while driving, a timer that includes seconds… (yes, that’s right!) but some subtle improvements have been more of a nice surprise, only popping up in their very specific context.

One of these was the (apparently) new way of getting onto a wi-fi network with no need for you to provide, or the new user to type in, the network password.

Recently, while visiting a friend, I attempted to join her wi-fi network while she was on her iPad. I’d been connected there before, but the password had changed so this was essentially a “first-time” connection as far as the devices knew.

With the password field awaiting me, I was about to type when she got a message on her iPad (seen above). She was able to approve me with a tap. And then, not only was I connected, but first I saw a row of dots zip into place as the password “typed itself”. 

Sheer Apple magic. As (almost) always with Apple, it was not only convenient but it was done with that extra fillip of style and personality, just as Apple has done from the start. Note that they specifically call it “Share password”, not just “Allow access” or some such… and this “sharing” is reinforced by what actually happens on-screen with the password being “typed in”. It’s clearly designed to reinforce the personal, human touch. Very Apple. 

Now, I’m not actually in this particular situation very often so I can’t swear to it being new with iOS11, but I’m reasonably sure it is. Let me know if not.

What’s your favourite iOS11 feature? What do you wish had been included? Let me know in the comments.


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